With matchpoint™ one can create compelling OTT & media subscription services efficiently and cost-effectively.


Introducing matchpoint™, a next-generation managed-service technology platform designed to streamline the process of distributing your content to today’s more demanding OTT & media consumers. At matchpoint™, we simplify the entire process of creating compelling OTT and media subscription services, starting at the very onset when source assets are delivered all the way through to end-user content delivery. We reach a myriad of end-user devices, whether they be mobile, web, set-top box and other new emerging platforms.

With matchpoint™ we provide content distributors, OTT service operators, web publishers, and OEMs a comprehensive and robust platform, giving them the power to build well-designed and feature-rich intuitive OTT apps that captivate viewers and are optimized for key platforms.



The matchpoint™ managed-service technology platform consists of three primary components that work in conjunction to provide a robust full-featured solution for your OTT and video distribution needs. Firstly, the matchpoint Blueprint™ app framework is a cross-platform development platform that offers a fast and efficient way to quickly launch an OTT channel across a variety of platforms with built-in support for various business models. Secondly, the matchpoint Dispatch™ delivery platform takes the complexity out of the entire content ingestion and digital supply chain process by automating and simplifying the process of prepping content for wide distribution. Whether you need to deliver to an AVOD, SVOD, or linear channel partner, we have you covered. Lastly, matchpoint Insights™ provides a robust analytics dashboard that offers an in-depth view of many critical KPIs and metrics related to your OTT business. At matchpoint™, we have the expertise and knowledge it takes to run an OTT channel so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.



Today’s consumers are more savvy and have a multitude of options for filling their entertainment needs. These consumers expect to have access to their content on devices of their choice. For that reason, the matchpoint Blueprint™ application framework has been designed to offer robust support for a variety of leading platforms while minimizing the development time to release an application to market. It allows for rapid development of cost-efficient, cross-platform applications with a robust set of features. In addition to the sleek and modern user interface, the matchpoint Blueprint™ application framework has support for multiple content types. In addition to built-in support for video-on-demand and linear channels, matchpoint Blueprint™ apps offer support for digital comics, eBooks, podcasts and streaming radio stations. This allows content owners to program and offer a highly curated and targeted content offering to their most demanding consumers.

Our apps are designed to support any business model that suits your needs whether it is AVOD, SVOD, TVOD or any combination of these. This includes wide support for a variety of in-app billing mechanisms including Apple, Google, Roku, Amazon, as well as all major credit cards via the web.

Our best-in-class video player includes integrated ad support for all major ad platforms as well as full support of our proprietary data analytics and content recommendation technology. Hollywood studios require stringent DRM for their content, so we offer DRM support across all app platforms. We have you covered via support for Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady. We support encryption, license delivery and playback across all major consumer app platforms.



The matchpoint Dispatch™ distribution platform simplifies and automates the entire content ingestion and delivery process, enabling content owners to easily and more efficiently distribute their digital content to a a wide range of digital and OTT distribution partners. We can address the needs of content owners because we know the challenges faced by content owners looking to launch their own OTT channel. Content owners can easily leverage our expertise in digital content distribution and benefit from an automated content ingestion and delivery process resulting in a decreased time to market, thereby decreasing time to market and the time it takes to start earning revenue. Now that’s something we can all appreciate…

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Managing an OTT service is a lot of work, so we make it easier by providing access to a slew of business critical KPIs via matchpoint Insights™. We help you manage your business and glean the business intelligence needed to better optimize your marketing and user acquisition budgets. Insights™ helps you monitor app downloads, optimize subscription revenue, and minimize subscriber churn across the platforms where your channel is available. You can even drill further down by monitoring user engagement, content consumption, user satisfaction and many other key metrics that measure the health of your business. Lastly, as a content distributor we know the pain of having to gather the performance data needed to generate royalty reports. We can take care of that along with many other back-office functions so that you can focus on building your userbase instead of back-end tools.


With the power of matchpoint Dispatch™ behind you, content can easily be delivered to a growing list of content syndication platforms spanning the direct-to-consumer app-based marketplace, VOD platforms, and an influx of linear channel platforms. Whether your content is required to reach users on iOS, Roku, HTML 5 or delivered via a secure HLS endpoint, matchpoint Dispatch™ makes that happen.



In addition to providing an innovative managed-service technology platform, matchpoint™ is not just about technology. At matchpoint™ we know the importance that content plays in the success of any OTT business. There are a slew of other services required to properly license, acquire and distribute filmed entertainment and other forms of published media. Among the many services offered as part of the matchpoint™ service are App Development, Brand Development, Content Acquisitions & Licensing, Content Encoding & Transcoding, Content Distribution, Customer Acquisition, Design Services, Digital Rights Management, Event-based Live Streaming, Metadata Creation & Optimization, Revenue Collection, Royalty Reporting & Payments, Sales & Performance Analysis and much more.










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