cineSearch: Inside the Generative AI Partnership that will make deciding what to watch as entertaining as the movie itself.

Cineverse and Datatonic for cineSearch movie search tool.

By Max Newfield | March 12, 2024

You’ve already heard the great news about cineSearch, now find out how Cineverse & Datatonic are using Google Cloud to change the way you search for and discover your next favorite flick. Cineverse’s announcement of cineSearch, a next-gen AI tool designed to help movie fans discover what to watch faster than ever before, made big news when it was announced in February.

Now, we want to introduce you to our partners at Datatonic and Google Cloud who helped make cineSearch possible.

Head over to Datatonic’s blog to find out how industry leaders in both GenAI and streaming built cineSearch and Ava, the ultimate movie nerd, critic, and screening buddy.

Then sign up for the cineSearch beta program here so you can be the one in your friend group who always knows what to watch and where to watch it.

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