9 Reasons Content Owners, Digital Publishers, and Media Companies Trust Our Streaming App Builder to Help Tell Their Stories

Matchpoint Blueprint streaming platform demonstration.

Highly scalable app building – full support for all streaming platforms. Launch premium viewing experiences, in no time flat.

As a core component of Matchtpoint’s complete streaming solution, Matchpoint Blueprint™ offers a robust and cost-effective application framework designed for the seamless launch of comprehensive video streaming apps across major platforms. It comes with built-in support for various business models, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking a trusted streaming platform across FAST, AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD/EST.

Some reasons why Matchpoint Blueprint™ is trusted by content owners & publishers, media companies, and the enterprise:

  1. Robust and Cost-Efficient Framework: Matchpoint Blueprint™ provides a solid foundation for developing video streaming apps. This is essential for companies as it ensures that their applications can handle high traffic and deliver a smooth user experience while keeping development costs in check.
  2. Build once, delivery anywhere: Companies benefit from the ability to reach a broader audience by launching their apps on multiple platforms, including web, mobile, smart TVs, and more. This extensive reach maximizes the potential viewership of their video content.
  3. Future-proof your business and stay nimble with built-in business model support: The platform’s built-in support for various business models, such as subscription-based, pay-per-view, or ad-supported, gives companies flexibility in how they monetize their content. This adaptability is crucial in today’s competitive streaming landscape.
  4. Easy, accelerated Development helps you get to market FAST: Blueprint expedites the app development process, allowing companies to bring their streaming services to market much faster than traditional development methods. This speed is essential for staying ahead of the competition and meeting market demands swiftly.
  5. Feature-rich for the best viewing experience: The platform’s rich feature set, including integrated billing, customizable content menus, and personalized watchlists, enhances the user experience. This, in turn, keeps viewers engaged and satisfied, increasing their loyalty to the streaming service.
  6. An instant, direct communication channel with your community: Companies can use in-app notifications and alerts to communicate directly with their users, promoting new content, special offers, and important updates. This direct engagement helps retain subscribers and encourages user interaction.
  7. Next-gen, Machine learning based tools that improve viewer experiences and amp up scalability — harnessing the power of Ai…for good.
  8. Unlocking new monetization possibilities: For companies seeking ad-supported revenue models, ad integration is crucial. Blueprint’s support for advertising enables companies to monetize their content through targeted ads, increasing revenue potential.
  9. Get an accurate pulse on your audience to serve – and grow – your business: Detailed analytics provide valuable insights into user behavior, content performance, and revenue generation. Companies can make data-driven decisions to optimize their streaming service, content library, and marketing strategies.

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